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Ray & Barney

Digitizing 4 Non-Digitizers - Level 1

Ray's book, "Digitizing 4 Non-Digitizers" is now OUT OF PRINT. Please contact me if you want to special order this book.

After a year of helping home embroiderers learn to use their Pfaff & Viking 4D software, I found that very few wanted to become digitizers. I'd hear comments like, "I don't want to learn how to digitize." But the next thing they would say would be, "but I want to be able to create my own designs."

That, my friends, is DIGITIZING. Now I understand that many people don't think that they CAN learn how to digitize. The actual word "digitize" scares the heck out of them. But digitizing, like any other aspect of software or machine operation, isn't that difficult when you have help learning about how to master the tools and techniques needed to create that awesome design you have in your head just dying to get out and into fabric.

The Digitizing 4 Non-Digitizers book has 308 pages with over 450 full color screen captures and illustrations so you can clearly see how the tools work and what your screen will look like when you are creating your own designs. The first nine (9) chapters cover the basics - how to set-up the software and how the tools work. Those chapters are:

Introduction, Chapter 1-Software Set-up, Chapter 2-Defining a Fill Area, Chapter 3-Running Stitches, Motif Lines, & Borders, Chapter 4-Fills with Holes & Borders, Motif Fills, and Specialty Fills, Chapter 5-Satin Areas, Chapter 6-Editing a Design, Chapter 7-The QuickStitch Tools, Chapter 8-Navigating the Design, and Chapter 9-The ExpressDesign Wizard. Each Chapter has Exercises for you to use to master each tool.

Chapter 10 contains 10 "Projects" that have you create designs using the tools you have learned how to use in the first 9 Chapters. These Projects are: Project 1-A Celtic Design, Project 2-The "Cause Ribbon-creating three (3) different size designs using one graphic, Project 3-The "Way-Too-Happy-Face-using the ExpressDesign Wizard, Project 4-The Quilted Feather Design-using the Bean Stitch (Triple Stitch)/Running Stitch technique to create a beautiful quilted feather border design, Project 5-Redwork & Embossing-using the ExpressDesign Wizard to create a Redwork design and using the graphic producted in that process to create an Embossed design, Project 6-Inserting a Color Change in a design using the 4D Stitch Editor, Project 7-Cropping a Graphic Image in the ExpressDesign Wizard, Project 8-Creating an Outline Border Design using the ExpressDesign Wizard, Project 9-Modifying a Graphic Image for the ExpressDesign Wizard when the backgroun color is also a color within the design, and Project 10-Applied Mathematics-calculating fill angles to make a design look perfect.

Below are some sample screen captures from the book. The images in the book are of a much higher quality than these reprints.





Having this book is like having Ray sitting with you as you learn the software, but he isn't eating your chocolate. You can finally use your software the way you want - to create your own designs.

Digitizing 4 Non-Digitzers Book - $199.00 (plus shipping & handling)




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