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Ray & Barney

Welcome to Designs & More Online.

We hope you will enjoy your visit. We offer Custom Quilts & Quilt Kits, Unique Stock & Custom Embroidery Designs, PFAFF Software Training Videos, The inovative Magna-Glide, Clear-Glide, And Clear-Quilt Bobbins by Fil-Tec, Color Wheel Products, and now announcing, Ray's new digitizing book (see below). We are always on the lookout for new products to offer our customers.

Important Announcement

Due to the increased costs in credit card shopping carts, gateways, and merchant accounts, we have switched our credit card acceptance method to "Square." We now accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Debit Cards.

From this point on, if you want to place an order, just email or call me and we will get your order out to you. You can still pay for your order by credit card if you so choose, but we will handle that transaction either over the telephone or via email. I will mail you an invoice or include an invoice in the package I ship your merchandise.

We are striving to give our customers the best service possible. This holds true for both our Internet Customers and our Store Customers. Thank You for your business!

Also New, Redneck Seasonings - Do You Like It Hot? - Click Here

New Classes Posted. Click Here To Check Them Out. Click Here


Embroidered Quilt Block Design Package. Check it out. Click Here

Some Pictures of Our Classroom

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Digitizing Book for 4D - 5D Lessons Coming Soon

Check out Ray's book, "Digitizing 4 Non-Digitizers." 308 pages of concentrated information on how to use your Pfaff 4D & Viking 4D software to create your own designs. Over 450 full color screen captures and illustrations on how to use the tools and why you make the value changes for different applications. It's like having Ray with you as you learn, except he isn't eating your chocolate. Finally, you can now learn to use your software for what you've dreamed of doing - creating your OWN designs.

Dealers & Educators

Register to the Dealer/Educator page as a Pfaff Dealer or Educator for information on wholesale pricing on our products and educational lessons and tips. I am available to come to your store for software training sessions. Look for details on the Dealers & Educators page or contact me for additional information. Also, look at the Training Schedule page for stores that I have visited and my current training schedule.

Quilts & Quilt Kits

Living in the Idaho Palouse are many talented quilters. Many of these quilters are active members of Palouse Patchers. Occasionally, they will offer some of their wonderful quilts for sale. Check regularly to see if there are any treasures to be found on our Quilts For Sale page.

Karen is working on some new and innovative quilt designs and quilt kits. Check out her latest creations.

Embroidery Designs - New Designs Coming Soon

Our designs are created with the home embroiderer in mind. Many of our designs allow you to create items much larger than your hoop, by piecing individual designs together. For example - check out our Large Hoop Dresden package that creates a 24 Inch in diameter Dresden doily.

Unlike most embroidery designs created for the home embroiderer, our designs CAN be sewn on items for resale. This allows you to use our designs in your Craft Show projects and other items that you can sell.

Now Available! Training Videos For Pfaff 3D & 4DSoftware Packages

ATTENTION! Training Videos For Pfaff 3D & 4D Software are now available. Learn to use your software the way it is supposed to be used, ... to create the designs you want and need for your embroidery projects.

Magna-Glide, Clear-Glide, & Clear-Quilt Bobbins by FIL-TEC

Magna-Glide bobbins by Fil-Tec. You've heard all the rave reviews about them. We now carry Magna-Glide bobbins in both the "L" size and the "M" size. We have both sizes in White and Black. We currently offer all bobbins in quanities of 100. We can send out quanities of 50 & 25 in "L" size. Please contact us if you are interested in these smaller quanities. These are the Greatest Bobbins on the Planet!

Now Available - Magna-Glide Bobbins in colors & Clear-Quilt Bobbins

Clear-Glide Bobbins have the same thread as the famous Magna-Glide bobbins but are wound on clear-plastic bobbins. Designed with drop-in bobbin machines in mind, but work great on all "L" size bobbin machines. And they run perfectly in the new PFAFF Creative Vision machines. They come in 10 beautiful colors as well as black & white.

Clear-Quilt Bobbins: Fil-Tec has recently introduced the new Clear-Quilt bobbins. The Clear-Quilt bobbins are a 50 Wt. Egyptian cotton bobbin thread wound on the same clear-plastic bobbin that the Clear-Glide bobbins are wound on. They are available in several colors.

Yahoo Groups - CompuSew With Jan, 5DVikingEmbroiderySoftware, 5D-4D-Emb-Quilt-Software, DigitizeWithHUS, Pfaff, Pfaff_VIP, and PfaffTOL

We have created a special page just for our Yahoo Groups. If you are a member of the Pfaff VIP or CompuSew With Jan group, register to the Yahoo Groups page for free designs, lessons, & software tips. There is a new discounted pricing system - please see the Yahoo Groups page for details.

Adobe Reader - Designs & More is a licensed distributor of Adobe Reader. Click on the "Get Adobe Reader" icon on this page to download the latest version of Adobe Reader. Our written instructions are all created in PDF format which needs Adobe Reader to display.

Take some time to look through our complete products listing. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are always adding new designs and products to offer our valued customers so come back often. We look forward to your visits.


If you need the latest version of Adobe Reader for Windows XP or Vista, left click on the link below.

Download Adobe Reader 9.0 HERE

Click here to download Adobe Reader 9.0.0

The latest Adobe Reader Update is: 9.4.1 To Download This Update, Go To: http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates/

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