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Ray & Barney

Copyright Information

Embroidery Designs: By purchasing any of our embroidery designs, you are purchasing the RIGHTS to USE these designs. You DO NOT OWN these designs. The designs are copyrighted by Designs & More.

You may use these designs in any way you wish. You may embroider these designs on articles to be use personally, sold for profit, given as gifts, or in any way you choose to use them.

You CANNOT sell, give away, trade, or share the design files themselves. You CAN make copies of designs for BACK-UP only.

Training Videos: The training videos are copyrighted by Designs & More. The screen images and technical properties are copyrighted by PFAFF USA, VSM, or SVP Worldwide – either individually or corporately. You CANNOT reproduce or copy these videos without violating the above copyrights.

Written Lessons: The written lessons available, either as downloads or included with training packages, are for personal use only. Dealers and Educators, that have been registered with Designs & More, have permission to use the written lessons in classes and are permitted to copy the written lessons for handouts in these classes.

Epilogue: Observe these copyright regulations and everybody is happy. Violate these copyright regulations and only attorneys are happy. Copyright infringement fines are stiff, ..... $200,000 - $400,000 PER INFRACTION. Don't be a software pirate! It's just not worth it!


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