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Ray & Barney

Welcome to Idaho Sourdough

Here at Designs & More we enjoy other things besides Quilting and Emroidery. We like eating sourdough bread and other sourdough treats. In my travels I discovered that many people love sourdough bread and have even tried to make sourdough bread at home. Unfortunately, most have not had a lot of success with sourdough. So, I thought, "why not write a book on how to make Sourdough Bread and include a sample of my starter with the book." Thus, Idaho Sourdough was created.

As I worked on this book, I honed my own skills of Sourdough Bread making. I felt that it was unethical to sell a starter that I aquired from another business, so I went on the quest of creating my own starter. Four (4) months and many batches of Sourdough starter dumped in the garbage later, I got a strong fermenting wild yeast culture right out of the air from the Idaho Palouse (the area I live in.)

So, here is my first book on sourdough baking, "Sourdough Success."

Here is a list of chapters in the book:

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Starter Instructions

Chapter 3 - Maintaining The Starter

Chapter 4 - Using The Starter

Chapter 5 - Your First Loaf

Chapter 6 - Some Technical Talk

Chapter 7 - What Now?

Chapter 8 - Recipes

Chapter 9 - Troubleshooting

Chapter 10 - Glossary

Chapter 11 - Index

Chapter 12 - Conversions

I know you will love this book and will soon be creating your own sourdough bread and other sourdough goodies.

Just Released - Book-2 "Sourdough Secrets - Revealed "

Take Your Sourdough Baking To The Next Level


1. Introduction

2. Intermediate Basics

3. The Proofing Box

4. Creating Your Own Starter

5. Making Sourdough Bread in an Automatic Bread Machine

6. Recipes

7. Weight-To-Volume Conversions

8. Index of Suppliers

See Home Page For Ordering Instructions

Sourdough Success Book Including Sourdough Starter Sample: $25.00 plus shipping & handling.

Sourdough Secrets - "Revealed" Book: $25.00 plus shipping & handling

Both Books - Farmers Market Special: $40.00 plus shipping & handling









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