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Ray & Barney

Classes Offered In Our Shop

As classes are offered, they will appear on this schedule. If you are interested in any of these classes, just contact us for information or to sign-up for a class. Class size will genereally be restricted to twelve (12) attendees.

New Classes

The first class will be a series of two classes, the first of which is this Friday, May 24th at 1:00 here at Designs & More.  The second in the series will be on Saturday, June 22nd at 1:00. Each of the classes will be from 1 to 3 hours long, and the cost for the series is $20.  We still have a few openings for the class, so let me know right away if you would like to join us. If you have ever wondered what to do with all those decorative stitches on your sewing machine, this is the class for you.  It will also include some hand embellishing, if you want to include it.  If not, the quilt could be made using all machine stitches.  I have included  
the materials list below.  Marsha Parish will be bringing some packets of various types of yarn/fiber that will be available for purchase.  If you want a larger image of the quilt so you can see the embellishment easier, let me know and I will send you a non-scaled version.  Materials required for the class are:
1 Fat Quarter
1 Square lightweight fusible interfacing
1 Square batting ( fusible works well )
1 Square backing
Yarns or heavy threads for couching; any color works
Decorative Threads for Machine Stitching
Embroidery Thread or Perle Cotton for Handwork
Sewing Supplies, Sewing Machine, with knowledge of simple decorative stitches


This class will also be a series of two classes (1-3 hours each), and the cost will be $15.  The dates for the classes are Friday, May 31st, and Friday, June 7th , and both will be at 1:00 pm.  There are so many different looks you can get with this techniques, and Celia assures us that it is very simple.  This is a great class for all skill levels, and will be especially helpful for those who have not gotten into  designing their own quilts.  Celia is so good at teaching you how to go about designing your unique quilt.  Don’t be afraid of it – it’s fun!!  And you will have a real sense of accomplishment when you’re finished and you realize it wasn’t that difficult!  The materials required for this class are:
2 Fat Quarters, coordinated or complementary
Fusible, like Steam-a-Seam Light (if you don’t have any, it is available for purchase here at Designs & More)
Scissors, Pins, Pencil
Square of Batting, 18” square
Backing Fabric or Muslin
Coordinating Thread for Quilting (also available for purchase here)
Machine and supplies
Perle Cotton or floss for Hand Stitching
Beads in a Variety of colors and sizes
It would be helpful if you have a design in mind.

See Or Call Karen Templeton At 208-883-3296 About Signing Up For Classes

Or Click On The Link Below To Email For More Information

A List Of Class Materials To Bring Will Be Sent Out Prior To The Classes.

For more information or to sign-up for the class, click on this link and email us.


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